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South Carolina Association of Licensed Adoption Agencies (SCALAA) was established in 1998. The organization now includes most licensed adoption agencies in the state. Both non-profit and private agencies statewide are joined by others interested in adoption issues to advocate for healthy adoption practices.


Meetings are scheduled throughout the year to advocate and address ongoing adoption issues. SCALAA participation includes professional social workers, representing adoption agencies, as well as "lay" people interested in adoptions who usually represent adoptive parents, birth parents, or adult adoptees. These meetings have been a forum for discussing best practices, considering changes in adoption policy, and sponsoring legislative action. A members-only blog is also used to discuss adoption issues on a daily basis.


Services to all members of the adoption triad (birth parents, adopted child, adoptive parents) have been expanded and improved due to the organizational belief that "where there is a mutual exchange, there is constructive growth,".


SCALAA has initiated training workshops for professional staff on current trends and new methods of practice. South Carolina Adoption Agencies are working with over 200 children at any one time but reviews the adoption potential of over 500 children annually. South Carolina Adoption Agencies bring together children needing placement over 500 times each year.


The membership information below is from SCALAA's bylaws. If you are a private or non-profit child-placing agency licensed by the State of South Carolina and are interested in joining SCALAA, please contact SCALAA's president, Jeanna Smith at




The purpose of this Association shall be to:


  • Support and ensure the development of professional comprehensive services to all members of the adoption triad;

  • To provide a forum for networking by sharing procedures, concepts, and ideas with all Association members; and

  • To engage in advocacy on behalf of adoption concerns.



Cost of Membership:


The annual membership fee is $100 per year.





The membership of the Association shall be as follows:

  • Membership is open to any private, non-profit child-placing agencies licensed by the State of South Carolina.

  • Member agencies shall be enrolled upon establishing that they are licensed by the State of South Carolina as a child placement agency and upon payment of membership dues.

  • Membership entitles all officers and employees engaged in adoption services of that member agency to full Association privileges.

  • Each member agency shall attend at least one meeting annually to retain their membership.

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